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Customer Testimonials

Good morning, Gerilyn,
Finally, we have some feedback for you concerning your Bee Magic Charcoal, Clay, and Honey Soap.
While our grandson and his family were visiting us during this recent spring break, we inquired about our 14-year-old grandson's excellent complexion.
Sure enough, he and his mother said your product was the reason.
However, after visiting a few days here, his nice complexion started to deteriorate.  We learned that he did not bring his soap from home. So, we pulled out our Bee Magic soap for him to use.
By the time he left, his completion was looking much better.
Thank you so much making this wonderful, extraordinary product!! 
Thank you again for the gift.
"Oregon Resident"
PS We are now starting to use our Bee Magic soap in earnest.  

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Absolutely LOVE the charcoal clay soap! Only thing I use on my face now.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC