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Soap from Scratch

It all began about 10 years ago while visiting a friend's garden. He was a beekeeper, and one of his bee hives had swarmed into a nearby log. Glenn proceeded to put on a beekeeping suit that was about three sizes too small, and together they were able to extract the bees from the wood and create a new hive. It was all over after that.

Since 2005, we have humanely removed over 300 beehive colonies for our customers, most of which have been structural type bee extractions.  While we still capture and collect bee swarms (free of charge in Sonoma County), our days of extensive, structural extractions are behind us.

Eventually, I too fell in love with the honey bee and all that it represents, but it has taken some time. To say that I was fearful would have been an understatement, but now I'm proud to say I've captured many bee swarms over the years. There's a lot to learn from these little creatures, in so many different ways.  I have since become inspired to create (and sell) many of my own body care products - soap from scratch, body butter, lip care and deodorant.  I am especially proud of my Charcoal, Clay and Honey soap from scratch.  It has done wonders for my teen's skin!

I remember speaking with a gentleman at our local farmer's market. He had been a past president of Sonoma County Beekeepers' Association and explained the love of bees in this way ~ "Beekeepers Syndrome is Life's way of saying "tag, you're it" so that you will fall in love and in turn do your part to educate others and help to keep the bees alive".

It is our hope that you too will choose to learn more about bees and all that they give us. If you need a place to start, a great resource is our local beekeepers association (The Sonoma County Beekeepers' Association) or your own local beekeeping association if you are not from our area. Trust us, you will never bee bored!!

All of our beeswax products, honey products and handcrafted gifts are made with care, attention to quality, in small batches and ALWAYS from SCRATCH! (we opt not to use pre-made bases of any type). Our products can be purchased here, through our "web store", or at our local farm stand, "The Honey Hut", pictured on our home page. 

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Gerilyn and Glenn Murphy